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    Terms of Use

    Welcome to the Ruskontur (ruskontur.com). It is a web resource (hereinafter referred to as the Site) that is aimed at digital popularization of historical facts, characters and cultural values.
    These Terms of Use describe the conditions under which the administration of the Site offers you the Site services.

    1. Glossary

    1.1. The Ruskontur site (or the Site) is the web resource which includes both the content (information) and applications (software code). The Ruskontur Site provides the access to the abovementioned information in the Internet when addressed by the domain name http:// ruskontur.com (with all levels of the specified domain included).

    2. The Ruskontur Terms of Use Status

    2.1. These Ruskontur Terms of Use (hereinafter referred to as the Terms) have been elaborated by the Site Administration. The Terms define the conditions of Site use, the rights and obligations of its Users and Site Administration as well as relations involving the third parties whose rights and interests may be affected by actions of the Site Users.
    2.2. The Terms are the legally binding agreement between the User and the Site Administration with the latter one providing services for the User regarding the use of the Site and its services (hereinafter referred to as the Services).
    2.3. These Terms also include all special documents that regulate the provision of individual Site services.
    2.4. The User is obliged to be fully acquainted with these Terms before using the Site.
    2.5. The Site Administration has the right to make changes, additions or amendments to these Terms unilaterally and without giving any special notice to the User. These Terms are an open document accessible to the general public. The current version of the Terms can be found at https://ruskontur.com. The use of the Site services by the User after changes were made to these Terms will imply the User’s acceptance of those changes.

    3. The Ruskontur Site Administration

    3.1. The Ruskontur Site Administration (hereinbefore and after referred to as the Site Administration) is a MIS Master IT Systems Limited, a legal entity established with full accordance with the laws of Malta and registered at Malta, Malta, NXR00, NAXXAR, BURMARRAD ROAD, ADD MALTA, HARDROCKS BUSINESS PARL
    3.2. All applications and claims of individuals and legal entities to the Site Administration based on these Terms as well as issues concerning Site operation and infringement of third parties’ rights and interests may be directed to the mailing address of MIS Master IT Systems Limited specified above.
    3.3. No provision of the Terms grants the User the right to use the brand name, trademarks, domain name or other marks owned by the Site Administration. The right to use the above mentioned distinctive marks of the Site Administration may be granted on the sole basis of written agreement with the Site Administration. The Administration follows the current Malta legislation including other relevant legislation and these Terms in order to regulate provision of Site Services to the User.

    4. The Ruskontur Site Status

    4.1. The Site Administration is the owner of all rights for the Site as well as the rights to use the web address https://ruskontur.com.
    4.2. The Administration provides access to the Site as well as to its Content (including applications and software) to all persons concerned in compliance with these Terms and current Malta legislation.
    4.3. All the Content of the Site is informative and educational, which means that the Content or its parts may only be viewed (read, watched, listened to) or reposted via social networks with all original references, links, design and structure retained unchanged.

    5. The Ruskontur User Status

    5.1. The User’s use of the Ruskontur Site is free and voluntary. Use of the Site and its Services implies acceptance of these Terms by the User.
    5.2. The Site User is the individual who uses the Content of the Site in accordance with these Terms. The User has the right to (yet not obliged to) register at the Site when having reached the sufficient age for such registration under the applicable laws. Registering at the Site grants the right to add their own Content on the Site.
    5.3. In case the User opts for registering at the Site, they must provide the Site Administration with the necessary true and updated information, including the User’s unique login and the password, the User’s first and last names as well as other information which the Site Administration may request the User to provide. The User bears personal liability for ensuring that the information that they provided is true, up to date and consistent with Malta legislation as well as other applicable legislation, otherwise the registration at the Site is prohibited.
    5.4. The User's personal information is processed in accordance with relevant legislation. The Administration of the Site processes the User's personal data to provide the User with access to the services of the Site. The Site Administration takes all measures to protect the User’s personal data from disclosure, unauthorized access, theft, modification or destruction. The Site Administration makes the User’s personal data available only to employees, contractors and agents of the Site Administration who need this information to ensure the Site operation.
    5.5. The information provided by the User, including personal data, may be used by the Site Administration to ensure compliance with the requirements of effective Malta legislation as well as other relevant legislation which may include transferring it to the third-parties in case protecting rights and interests of the Users, the Site Administration and third-parties demands so. The User’s personal data may only be disclosed in accordance with effective Malta legislation on the demand of the law-enforcement bodies and in situations provided by Malta legislation.
    5.6. The login and password of the User are the necessary and sufficient information for the User’s access to the Site. The User is not allowed to transfer their login and password to third parties and bears full responsibility for their confidentiality. Unless otherwise proven, any actions taken with the use of the User’s login and password are regarded as committed by the User. In case of unauthorized access to the User’s login and password, the User is obliged to notify the Site Administration immediately according to the established procedure.
    5.7. The registered User has the right to create, process and use for personal purposes the content they made public with their own personal page.
    5.8. As the owner of the information posted with their own personal page or account, the User agrees that, except as stipulated by these Terms and effective Malta legislation, the Site Administration does not control neither the User’s content nor other users’ access to the User’s content. Publishing any content on their own personal page the User understands that this content may be available to other Internet users.
    5.8. In accordance with effective Malta legislation the User has the right to revoke their agreement for processing their personal data or Content by removing independently the content posted previously by the User on the Site and duly notifying the Site Administration on their decision.

    6. Rukontur User’s Rights and Obligations

    6.1. The User of the Site is obliged to follow the provisions of effective Malta legislation, other relevant legislation as well as these Terms and other special documents of the Site Administration.
    6.2. The User of the Site is allowed to view (which means to read, watch, listen to) the Content of the Site. Therefore the User is prohibited to reproduce, copy, modify, distribute, store, transfer, sell or otherwise use in full or in part the Content of the Site.
    6.3. The User is allowed to share
    epost the parts of the Content via social networks if they want to do so only under the condition that all original references, links, design and structure of the part of the Content that is being shared
    eposted remain unchanged.
    6.4. The registered User has the right to add his own content (hereinbefore and after referred to as the User’s Content).
    6.5. The User is obliged not to post on his/her personal page the information and objects (including links thereto) which may infringe the rights and interests of other persons or result in breach of the Malta legislation and/or these Terms. Before posting their Content and objects (including but limited to other people’s images, texts of various content, audio records and videos), the User has to assess in advance whether such posting is lawful.
    6.6. The User agrees to keep confidential and not to disclose to other Users and third parties the personal data which became known to him/her during the communication with other Users and other use of the Site (including home addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, banking information, etc.) and information on the private life of other users and third parties without prior permission of the latter.
    6.7. The User is prohibited from:
    loading, storing, publishing, making available or otherwise using any content which:
    contains threats, discredits, insults, defiles honor, dignity or business reputation as well as violates the privacy of other Users or third parties;
    infringes on the rights of minors;
    is vulgar, obscene, contains pornographic images and texts or sexual scenes with the participation of minors;
    contains scenes of inhumane treatment of animals;
    describes means and methods of suicide, contains any instigation to commit suicide;
    propagandizes and/or contributes to racial, religious, ethnic hatred or hostility, propagandizes fascism or racial superiority;
    contains extremist materials;
    propagandizes criminal activity or contains advices, instructions or guides for criminal activities;
    contains restricted information (including government and trade secrets, information on the private life of third persons);
    advertises in any form using of drugs, including “digital drugs” (audio files affecting the human brain through binaural rhythms), contains information on drug trafficking, drug recipes and drug consumption recommendations;
    is of fraudulent nature;
    in the personal opinion of the Site Administration is undesirable, does not meet the Site purposes, infringes on the Users’ rights or is otherwise undesirable for posting on the Site;
    infringes other rights and interests of individuals and legal entities or requirements of Malta legislation;
    o registering and taking actions on behalf of another person (which includes misleading other Users as to their identity or distorting personal information);
    illegally processing or otherwise using the intellectual property and personal data of other Users and third parties;
    mass mailing of messages without the Site Users’ consent;
    using software (including but not limited to malwares, viruses, automated scripts, etc.) and taking actions aimed at disrupting the normal operation of the Site and its services;
    reproducing, duplicating, copying, selling or otherwise distributing the access to the use of the Site;
    6.8. The User bears personal responsibility for any information they post together with the shared
    eposted parts of the Content of the Site. The Site Administration bears no liability for any consequences (including those that may be regarded as illegal or unlawful) that may result from User’s posts that contain the reposted part of the Content.
    6.9. If the User disagrees with these Terms, they must give up using the Site.

    7. Ruskontur Intellectual Rights

    7.1. Exclusive rights to the content
    7.1.1. All elements and content posted on the Site, including text, images, music, videos, design, scripts, applications and software as well as content available via external links (hereinbefore and after referred to as the Content) are subject to exclusive rights of the Site Administration, Users and other rights holders, with all rights being reserved.
    7.1.2. Except as stipulated by current Malta legislation or these Terms, no element of the Content may be copied, reproduced, distributed, processed, downloaded, transferred, sold or otherwise used without the prior permission of the right owner. Copying, transferring, modifying or processing of the Content in any way is thus not allowed without preliminary Administration's consent.
    7.1.3. By posting on the Site their legally owned Content, the User grants the other Users a non-exclusive right to use it within the framework of the functional provided by the Site by viewing and other rights exclusively for the purpose of personal non-commercial use, except where such use may infringe the right owner’s interests protected by law.
    7.1.4. The Content that was made available for the exclusive purpose of personal non-commercial use may be used by the User in the manner described in these Terms under the condition that all copyright marks or any other marks of authorship remain unchanged.
    7.1.5. The User grants to the Site Administration a non-exclusive right to use on a free of charge basis the Content published on the Site and which lawfully belongs to them. Thus the Administration of the Site may maintain the operation of the Site and use this Content for the Site Administration promotional content, including making this promotional content public. The mentioned non-exclusive right is granted for the period when the Content remains posted on the Site and extends to the territory of the countries all over the world. The end of the period when the Content is placed on the Site and / or the end of the non-exclusive right duration do not necessarily imply removal of this promotional content with the said Content by the Site Administration (including its removal from the Internet). The Site Administration has a right to transfer the rights described in this provision to third-parties. The User accepts that the Site Administration has a right to display the Content at its own discretion, including advertising purposes.
    7.1.6. If the User removes their Content from the Site, the non-exclusive right mentioned in clause 7.1.5. will be automatically revoked. The Site Administration however reserves the right to keep backup copies of the User Content for the required period of time, if it is needed for technical maintenance of the Site.
    7.1.7. The User is prohibited from uploading or otherwise making available the content of other sites and right owners except their own (the User’s) Content.
    7.1.8. Any use of the Site or Content, except as allowed by these Terms or by the right owner’s written permission, is prohibited. Unless otherwise stated in these Terms, none of these provisions may be considered as granting of exclusive rights to the Content.

    7.2. Liability for infringement of intellectual rights
    7.2.1. The Site Administration has the right yet not obliged to check the Site for prohibited Content. The Administration can delete any Content at its own discretion which may infringe these Terms or Malta legislation or the rights of Users or third parties with or without giving a notice.
    7.2.2. The User bears personal responsibility for any Content they upload or otherwise makes publicly available on the Site. The User does not have the right to upload or publish Content on the Site unless they were given appropriate rights to do so.

    7.3. Third parties’ sites and content
    7.3.1. The Site may contain links to other web-sites (third parties’ sites) which may include text, photos, images, music, videos, applications, software or any other Content owned by third parties (Third Parties’ Content). This Third Parties’ Content is to be regarded as intellectual property of third parties and protected in accordance with Malta legislation.
    7.3.2. The Site Administration does not check this Third Parties’ Content for compliance to any standards or requirements (truthfulness, accuracy, good faith etc.). The Site Administration does not bear liability for any information on third parties’ sites the User may get access to via the Site or Third Parties’ Content.
    7.3.3. The Site may contain links to any other site, product, service, information, etc. which does not mean that the Site Administration approves any of the mentioned above or bears responsibility for any damage or violation of rights and interests of User or third party that may result from using those sites, products, services, information, etc. When following links to Third Parties’ Content the User shall follow effective policies of the Content owner. From the moment the User leaves the Site for Third Parties’ Content these Terms cease to apply to the User.

    8. Ruskontur Liability and Operation

    8.1. The User bears responsibility for their own actions regarding the creation and posting their Content on the Site. The Site Administration does not bear liability for the User’s breach of these Terms and thus reserves the right to modify, block or remove any Content published by the User, suspend, limit or terminate the User’s access to the Services of the Site at any time with or without explaining the reason, with or without giving advance notice if the Site Administration believes this User or their Content may threaten in any way the Site, other Users and third parties. The Site Administration carries out those measures in full accordance with effective legislation and is not liable for any consequences that may result from applying the abovementioned measures for the User or third parties.
    8.2. The Site Administration is obliged to make it technically possible for the User to use the Site.
    8.3. The Administration has the right to resort to special technical solutions in order to prevent violations of third party intellectual property rights. The Site Administration is obliged to take actions to protect the rights and interests of persons and ensure compliance with current Malta legislation in case the User duly applies to the Site Administration.
    8.4. The Site Administration reserves the right to change the Site design, its content, scripts, software and other constituents of the Site at any time with or without giving the User a notice.
    8.5. Once the User’s registration data (account) is removed, the User has no longer the right to add (post) his own Content, but still has the right to view and repost via social media the Content of the Site.
    8.6. The Site Administration provides maintenance and ensures operation of the Site and is obliged to restore promptly the Site functionality in case of failure. The Site Administration does not bear liability for any damage to the computer of the User or any third party, mobile devices as well as any other equipment or software caused by the download of content from the Site or via the links available on the Site.
    8.7. Limitations to the liability of the Site Administration:
    8.7.1. The Site and its services including scripts, applications and content are made on the „as is“ basis. The Site Administration disclaims all warranties the Site may be subject to for any specific use and thus does not bear responsibility for any specific result of such use.
    8.7.2. The User agrees that they download any files or content including software from the Site or the links available on the Site at their own risk and bears personal responsibility for all possible consequences of such actions including damage of any kind or data loss.
    8.7.3. The Site Administration bears no liability to the User or third party for any accidental indirect damage incurred including damage of any kind, loss of data or profit as far as the use of the Site and its content is concerned.

    9. Closing provisions

    9.1. These Terms represent the agreement between the User and the Site Administration on the use of the Site and its services and thus supersede all previous agreements between the User and the Site Administration.
    9.2. These Terms are effected in full accordance with Malta legislation with the issues which are not settled by these Terms being subject to Malta legislation.
    9.3. The User and the Site Administration will take every possible effort to settle via negotiations every dispute or controversy regarding the fulfillment of these Terms if any. In case those disputes cannot be resolved by negotiations, they are to be settled in accordance with current Malta legislation.
    9.4. These Terms are binding on the User from the moment of their access to the Site and remain valid during the period the User uses the Site or its Content.
    9.5. In case one or more clauses of these Terms become unenforceable or invalid for any reason, it does not affect the validity of the remaining provisions.