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    Privacy Policy

    1. Introduction

    1.1. This Privacy Policy (hereinafter referred to as “​Policy​”) applies to our website Ruskontur, corresponding mobile applications and the services offered with those (hereinafter referred to as “​Service​”). The terms “us”, “we”, and “our” refer to the owner of the Service (hereinafter referred to as “Company”).

    1.2. We make pledges to secure the privacy of our data-subjects (hereinafter referred to as “​you” or “User​”); this Policy is to describe how your personal data (namely any information related to you as an identifiable natural person) is gathered, made use of, stored, disclosed and removed (each and all referred to as “​processing​”). The Company may use your personal data to identify the User, provide User with the Service, inform, support or protect User’s interests.

    1.3. This Policy applies only to the information being processed. This information may contain links to third party services or websites so any information the User provides to those services comes under privacy policies of those third parties.

    1.4. We may modify this Policy at our own discretion and will notify you of changes to the Policy by posting on our website at https://ruskontur.com.

    2. How We Use Your Personal Data

    2.1. Processing your registration data.
    Registration data may include: your full name, ID, username, gender, photo, email address, date of birth, place of residence and social network account data. Registration data is required for your using the Service.

    2.2. Processing your hardware or software data.
    This kind of personal data includes the one sent by User’s installed software, including: IP-address, cookies, personal software data (including usage data such as statistics, language preferences, approximate location, etc.), E-wallet ID, CSP name, exact date/time of the SMS-message and its content, as well as credit card number or other payment information. We make all possible efforts to keep your payment information strictly confidential.

    2.3. Processing your communication data.
    Communication data includes all messages and other types of communication (such as email address, IP address, User personal data, photos and videos, etc.) that may happen between you and the Customer Support as well as between you and other Users. Communication data also includes Service notifications via email, SMS, etc., that may contain personal information such as username, email address, full name, phone number.

    2.4. We reserve the right to process any of your personal data that may be necessary in any kind of possible litigations and legal procedures. We may also process any of your personal data in cases when such processing is necessary for protecting rights and interests of you or any other person.
    The Company assumes that personal data that you provide is accurate. Please try to avoid providing any erroneous personal data to us.

    3. Data You Publish via Our Service

    3.1. Personally identifying information that Users may voluntarily post while using our Service is considered to be public. Making this kind of information available via our Service means that you lose any privacy rights on that information.

    3.2. All personal data that you voluntarily make available via our Service can be disclosed by other Users to third parties with or without giving you any notice. Therefore please decide carefully what data to post or otherwise make available with our Service.

    4. Submitting Personal Data to Third Parties
    4.1. The Company does not transfer in any way Users’ personal data to third parties without consent of those Users except for cases when such transfer is obliged by effective legislation.

    4.2. We have the right to grant a third party access to the User’s personal data if:
    – a User has expressed one’s explicit consent to transfer personal data to third parties;
    – this transfer is required for the User to use the Service;
    – it is required for processing payments
    – the transfer is needed for legal procedures including litigations or required for our auditors, lawyers, accountants, consultants and other professional advisors in settlement of possible disputes or managing risks.

    4.3. We use the service by Google LLC ("Google Analytics"), located in the United States, for statistics and business campaigns. Data that may thus be provided to Google Analytics may include your IP address and used by Google.

    5. Links from Third Party Websites

    5.1. Websites of third parties may include links to our Service. We make all reasonable efforts to ensure that those websites are not engaged into any unlawful activities and are GDPR compliant. Those websites however are out of our responsibility. You admit that you use services of those websites at your personal risk.

    6. Children’s Privacy

    6.1. The Service is prohibited for use by anyone under the age of 18, however we recognize that that children of such age can try to access it. We take all necessary efforts to avoid such situations. Please contact us if you believe that your child uses or has access to our Service. We may require a proof of identification in that case. We will delete all data made available in the Service by a child if fact of this was proven.

    7. Unauthorized Activities

    7.1. We have the right to consider complaints or violations of this Policy and to take any action we recognize as required such as reporting on any suspicious or illegal activity to respective law enforcement bodies and regulators.

    8. Storing, Deleting and Transferring of Personal Data

    8.1. We store your personal information primarily within the European Economic Area. However, some features and requirements of the service, involve transferring your information to third-party service providers outside the European Economic Area. We have described all those service providers above in the Section 4. Where such service providers are not established in a country ensuring an adequate level of protection within the meaning of Regulation (EU) 2016/679, the transfers will be covered by the standard data protection clauses adopted by the European Commission or by another appropriate safeguard mechanism such as the Privacy Shield Framework.

    8.2. Personal data that we process for any purposes shall not be kept for longer than it is necessary for those purposes.

    8.3. User has the right to request the deletion of their account and related personal data through our Service.

    8.4. For all Users who have deleted their personal page we retain or delete personal data in the following manner:
    – Personally identifying data are removed within 30 days after account was deleted.
    – Public profile is hidden within 30 days after account was deleted.
    – Communication data are deleted 5 years after account was deleted.
    – Registration data including account and technical data are deleted 5 years after account was deleted.

    8.5. In some cases cannot specify in advance the periods of time during which your personal data will be retained. In those instances we will set the period of retention based on the period required access the data for internal purposes.

    8.6. Without respect to the other provisions of the Policy, we reserve the right to retain your personal data for a reasonable period of time where such action is necessary for settlement of any legal procedures that may occur.

    9. User’s Rights

    The User has the right to:

    1. to confirm to whether or not we process your personal data. Provided the rights of others remain unaffected, we will provide to you a copy of your personal data. You can ask for your personal data by contacting our support.
    2. to rectify your personal data in case of any inaccuracy.
    3. to delete personal data you have submitted to us.
    4. to object to or restrict processing your personal data in the view of specific situation but to the scale the legal basis of the processing allows. We will stop processing your data in case you provide an objection unless there are legitimate reasons for continuing processing.
    5. to receive your personal data from us in a structured and commonly used format to the extent the legal basis for such actions allow.
    6. to complain to related authorized body in case you may consider our processing of your personally identifying data as violating data protection standards.
    7. to withdraw this consent at any time to the extent the legitimate basis for such action allows. Withdrawal will not affect the lawfulness of processing before the moment of withdrawal.

    You may exercise any of your rights regarding personal data by contacting our support.

    10. Cookies Policy

    10.1. What are cookies?
    Like most of professional websites, our Service uses cookies. Cookies are small files saved by browsers to facilitate user experience and enable specific features like authentication. Generally cookies don’t contain personal information which could be used to identify a user, but personal data that we gather may be linked with the cookies information.
    Usually cookies are distinguished between "persistent" (those that are stored by a browser and remain valid until expiry date or until they get deleted by user before this date) and "session" ones (these ones expire at the end of session when user closes a web browser).
    This paper is to cover what kind of information cookies gather and why it may be sometimes necessary to store these cookies. As a user you may choose not to store these cookies, though it may hinder the functionality of certain components of the Service.

    10.2. Cookies used by our Service
    We make use of cookies in login procedures, administration and to prevent misuse of our Service.
    We use cookies when you log in to remember this fact and to prevent you from undergoing the same procedure every time you visit a new page. These cookies are usually deleted as user logs out for security purposes.
    If you submit some data via our forms, cookies help to remember some details that may be used in future. We set cookies to remember your preferences and settings for more client-oriented and user-friendly experience. Therefore our Service enables such functionality so that this information can be stored and called every time you interact with pages basing on your preferences.
    We use an affiliate programme that above all else facilitates advertising our Service. With the affiliate programme we use specific cookies to track users and visitors who follow to our site through one of our affiliate partner sites. This helps us to acknowledge gratitude to them appropriately and provide some bonuses from our affiliate partners to you for using our services.

    10.3. Managing cookies
    When changing the settings of your browser (please refer to the browser Help for more information) you can stop storing cookies. Disabling cookies however may result in switching off most of the features of this Service. Therefore, we recommend you not to do so.